Saturday, September 24, 2016


       I have been with The Hartford for over 15 years or so. Recently they sent me a letter saying I would be charged a "fee" of $2.00 per month for the electronic withdrawal, according to some new regulation or another. I didn't pay any attention to the explanation. To say that I am charged a "fee" when Employees are paid to DO A JOB and the ELECTRONIC process happens AUTOMATICALLY once a month is pure greed.
       I for one am SICK OF GREED.
        Mail order catalogs charge "A fee---for PROCESSING and HANDLING.
       Likewise,  THEIR employees are PAID to do that job.
          Yet if I want to cancel the automatic payment of my insurance, I MUST PAY $5.00!!!! I wonder how much one has to pay to PAY CASH?
        I think I will QUIT modern life and go out, buy myself a horse, move to a cabin in the middle of the foothills, and be a recluse. I would probably have to PAY to do that.