Who is this Cowgirl?

I'm an authentic American cowgirl, artist, writer, poet, have traveled a lot via U.S. Air Force and the backroads of America. I have 4 natural children, ( 3 daughters, one son--all born Military style in different states: California, Minnesota, and Alaska), and 2 chosen "daughters" from Utah and the Phillipines. I am member of National Honor Society, placed First winner in Wa. State Keep Washington Green Poster contest in 1958, designed cover for Air Force CHAP (Children Have A Potential) program, author of published book One, Image Of A Perfect Son: The Rise, @ Authorhouse.com. (Click on Archives, 2003) available for downloading, paperback. Cover design is my own. I also design humorous Western cards. In effect, I am Awesome: (one of God's creations in His own design!!" My life has been full of adventure. I've written a powerful, dynamic series of fictional novels titled "Image Of a Perfect Son", available at AuthorHouse.com. I design humorous Western cards, have trained horses and dogs, am basically a ranch woman thrown from the saddle by Arthur I. Tis.......have tons of throw-a-way cats I rescued, 2 collies, a little snippet of an animal belonging to my mom.....I think it's a dog, but it thinks it's a lion.........That would be Rascal, or "Chiuauaua, ", as my grandson calls her. Mom's in her 90's, I'm up there somewhere in the 70's.

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