Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hit or Miss--A Voter's View 2016, Part 2 by Norma A. Vincent

     THE DEBATE, continuing:


     There is too much history of wrongdoing on the part of The Clinton's in office for me to be totally impartial to you, my being a Conservative with old fashioned values.
      I have dubbed you The Female Impersonator, for the following reasons.
          The debate brought forth several unpleasant aspects of your personality:
                    You are for homosexuality and unisex.
                    Red-blooded American women like Red-blooded men, not
                 If a Lezzie ever selected you for her prey, maybe you'd change your
                    Perversion is perversion. You can't have the best interests of children
              at heart and still support PERVERSION.

          Next, like your opponent, Donald Trump, you did not stick to the issues.
Voters-- Democrats and Republicans and Independents (such as myself)-- are sick and tired of the mud-slinging, the childish name-calling, the repetitive faults of the other candidate, the avoidance of the issues. We want to know WHAT YOU INTEND TO DO and HOW YOU INTEND TO DO IT.
            Thirdly, you are one of the most rude public speakers on the air today. You did not wait your turn politely, you interrupted, and, when it was your turn, you refused to quit when the moderator called Time Up, but insisted on extolling your own "qualifications" for being elected, most of which are not true. No one else could get a word in edgewise, including the BIASED moderators.
            You call us stupid. Yet you berate Trump for the very same fault. You think we are sheep led to the slaughter, and you have said as much in the past and continue to do so. You hide behind the veil of evil with lies and distortions, so obvious to We The People. Neither you nor the moderators "accepted" or even listened to Trump when he
answered the question about his taxes. He used the same devices you and your rich friends use, and any other American who pays taxes and uses those tools.

            Many of the "Issues" that you seem to think are important to THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are not the issues that We, The People, think are important.
         The Issues:

        We want less government control, not more!
         We want less government spending and
                  more responsibility with United States assets: Wise use of our taxes, not for ridiculous issues such as "global warming" !God controls the weather!
          We want Adherence to The Constitution of the United States of America,
                  which means:
                          FREEDOM from Government Interference in our lives
                           No Baby Killing. You say you are for the children, yet you kill them.
                                Whether or not a baby is a person in the womb, it is NOT your
                         call  nor anyone else's to decide whether that "child" lives or dies:
                        IT IS GOD'S DECISION ALONE, AND ONLY GOD'S.
                       Responsibility for crimes committed while under oath in Office, a
                                 big FAILURE of the current administration.
                       We want immediate assistance to our ambassadors and representatives  
                                 in peril overseas. Use of covertly-trained military. That's what we
                                 have them for. We want A STRONG MILITARY TO DEFEND US
                                     from our ENEMIES,  both WITHIN and WITHOUT.
                        We want any KNOWN enemies within our border deported
                                        immediately with no re-entry , ever.
                                    We want tax change, a set percentage for all, automatically
                                          withheld from salary, eliminating mountains of paperwork.
                               No loopholes, no rigamaroe , and eliminating the powers and

                                         offices of the Internal Revenue Service
                         Folks on welfare being required to do some kind of service within their
                                     capabilities in exchange for what they receive, even if they
                                      cannot hold a regular job.
                          No robbing Peter to pay Paul: Hands off our Social Security
                            Elimination of "Pay for Life" for politicians,
                                    including the office of the President
                            The disbursement of ALL public lands the Federal Government
                                    claims to own: The Constitution does not give the government
                                     the right to OWN anything. The land and parks BELONG TO
                                    WE THE PEOPLE. This land should be portioned back to
                                        the people in some fair way.
                               More effort made to SUPPORT the true citizens of the U.S. and
                                     less emphasis on pleasing immigrants and other NATIONS.
                               Back to BUSINESSES being American, not International!
                                    No part in the United Nations. Nations are to be independent.
                                 ALLIANCE WITH ISRAEL. STAND WITH ISRAEL, WE
                                        PROSPER: Go against Israel---WE FALL.
                                    Mostly, we want justice for our active and retired
                                             MILITARY. The money paid out to politicians
                                    for life SHOULD BE THEIRS.

                       The above list
                   is by no means all that we want.

            Your record stands against you. You have done very little for We the People in the many years you have been in office---The Cover-ups notwithstanding:
             ( No mention of the 9 mysterious deaths of people close to the Clinton
                  administration while the two of you were reigning.)
                 No one but  misguided folks believes you when you open your mouth.
             You brought up many of Donald Trump's so called faults.
                 Yet you yourself are guilty of one of the greatest atrocities ever ignored by the Administration of the United States of America:
               One word:
          How you can live with yourself after seeing that terrible picture of  Ambassador Stevens--STILL ALIVE-- being tortured, raped, his genitals shocked with cattle prods, while you and the O'bamas sit at home collecting money from the People of The United States of America beyond my comprehension---and the comprehension of ALL THE DECENT PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY.
              And you still claim to care about We, The People?
             I don't think so.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hit or Miss: A Voter's View of the October 2016 Candidates' Debate

                                   A Word of Advice to

                                                 DONALD TRUMP 
                                                HILLARY CLINTON
                                                   Norma A. Vincent
                                             Independent Journalist
                                             Authentic American Artist,
                                                 Writer, Poet, Cowgirl

     Whether or not, as an American, you are disappointed in the choice of Presidential  candidates it's too late now: Our choice narrows down to "The Lesser of Two Evils".           No need to repeat the mud-slinging that covered both, the sins exposed, because, at this point, nobody cares. We are tired of hearing it.
        We want issues,--not childish name-calling. We want direct answers to direct questions.
        We want Reform, both in personal behavior on stage and of our country's vital shortcomings and needs---which is what our Congress and system of Presidential power is all about.
     Instead we get repetition of the other's faults:

         We want an INDEPENDENT moderator who will put up with NO NONSENSE from EITHER CANDIDATE-- and show no deference to either . Two possibilities are Judge Judy and Judge Jeanine.  We are sick and tired of all the slanted, biased favoritism.
     Give us a break.

         Plaudits for your choice of Pence: A wise choice, good business.
          We don't care about Hillary's emails, her lies, her sins, because THEY HAVE BEEN EXPOSED a million times. We KNOW about them. Enough, already! We know about her part in the murder of our people in Benghazi, and the nine mysterious deaths of people close to the Clinton Administration. And all the rest she denies and tries to sweep under the rug.
      What we want is this:   THINK carefully about what you might be asked, and then, WITHOUT PREAMBLE OR reference to Hillary, GIVE A STRAIGHT and direct answer.
      Nobody cares how many taxes you paid. AMERICA is the land of entrepreneurs, of moguls, of freedom to pursue what you want. Or was. You have a right to make money. You have a right to use the "tax loopholes" the system gives you, flawed though may be.   You are right: You are only doing what EVERY OTHER RICH MAN DOES, and many a poor man: Use whatever means is at your disposal to keep your money instead of having the GOVERNMENT waste it on such things as "Global Warming." Last I heard, (Bible doctrine....), it is GOD WHO CONTROLS the weather. Puny man can't change a blamed thing.
          Those of us who are poor don't want our money going for useless causes, nor to pay the salaries of retired politicians for life, nor to support illegals, nor to aid rich other middle eastern nations. Nor any of the other irrelevant "causes" that are important only to the politicians who want the credit for making them.
     The Clintons have made millions off our backs.
           Your plans are sound, but amplify and enforce them, not criticism of her.
           You told the moderators about using the tax laws. Did they listen? No, but we the people heard you.
     We like the way you stood up not only for yourself but Against Hillary Clinton, whose smug smirk was noted as well as your scowls.
      Don't dwell on the past comments about women, illegals, all the other bad choices you made in your beginning campaign. If they persist in that line, tell them, "We've been over that, we've dealt with that issue."  (Let him who has never sinned cast the first stone......" Move on.
            Don't lower yourself to their level. Learn to have some control over what makes you mad. Speak up, but don't mudsling. Stick to the issue. Don't keep going over the same old ground already covered.
        Hillary's interruptions only made her look like a rude, egotistical , arrogant fool.
The moderator's favoritism does not go unnoticed by the people.
         We are glad you have the courage to speak out and speak up, but don't use that power to sling the other candidate: Use it to stick to the issues and bluntly say what you intend to accomplish and that plans are being formulated, as any good businessman would do: Pros and Cons. Pros and Cons. Problem Solving.
     Your thoughts and speech on her good qualities far outweighed her meager attempt to find something good about you when clearly she hadn't a clue of anything she found good in you. Any dog can have a litter, but it takes a gracious person to see his opponent's assets, and you clearly did accomplish that. And all she could claim was "You have nice children?" If it were up to her, she'd probably have aborted your children a day or so before they were due.........
       On to other things:  Yes, I am voting for you.
      Because of your stand on the issues:
       We want:
Less Government, Not More.
Less rules and regulations, not more.
Less taxes. Less monetary generosity to foreign nations.
More covert action by our superb trained military forces to take down ANYONE who tries to destroy our country. You pointed this out. They didn't even hear. They didn't listen.
       No other law but United States law allowed.
       No one being able to come here to make their own laws and ignore ours. No Muslim men allowed to murder their women and get away with it, same as any other murderer.
      Immediate support of any Americans in danger in other countries.
      End Diplomatic Immunity from crimes committed on American soil.
     No abuse of "Executive Privilege"
      The release of "Government" lands back to the Public Domain: us!
     An end to liberal "lack of actions" for the good of all of us.
     An end to Politicians lifetime salaries on the backs of the people.
     An end to "Political Polls"---which none of us believe anyway.
      Military supplies to be bought from local businesses and not on a "Contract" basis. Obvious reason: Too tempting to defraud by overcharging.
       Cut government spending.
       The PARKS belong to The People---Never again the manipulative ploy to close our parks "to save the government"---during which time the "Government" paid $4 million dollars to the PBS network to continue broadcasting!
      This is all for tonight. Next installment coming soon. Lots more to say, also Hillary's turn, but these issues are too important for our candidates to be fighting like children  or cats and dogs instead of showing the leadership qualities we need in our President.
        Things to think about: What can we do about the biased Press who "control" these debates? Disgusting and Disgraceful. The United States has become the Laughing Stock of the World.

                                    ........TO BE CONTINUED........

Saturday, September 24, 2016


       I have been with The Hartford for over 15 years or so. Recently they sent me a letter saying I would be charged a "fee" of $2.00 per month for the electronic withdrawal, according to some new regulation or another. I didn't pay any attention to the explanation. To say that I am charged a "fee" when Employees are paid to DO A JOB and the ELECTRONIC process happens AUTOMATICALLY once a month is pure greed.
       I for one am SICK OF GREED.
        Mail order catalogs charge "A fee---for PROCESSING and HANDLING.
       Likewise,  THEIR employees are PAID to do that job.
          Yet if I want to cancel the automatic payment of my insurance, I MUST PAY $5.00!!!! I wonder how much one has to pay to PAY CASH?
        I think I will QUIT modern life and go out, buy myself a horse, move to a cabin in the middle of the foothills, and be a recluse. I would probably have to PAY to do that.

Monday, August 15, 2016

The Lost Children

                         The Lost Children


                                                  Sam James

      The Lord loves little children. I myself have come to a growing realization of how vulnerable to the whims of their parents and other adults little children are. We trade them about as though they are items in a flea market, pass them from hand to hand: Buy and Sell: Little Children---Get them while you can.......
      Every one of us knows of a little boy or a little girl torn asunder by their parents, the courts, and the agencies designed to protect them---or not.
      For the sake of simplicity, I will use the example of a little boy to avoid using he or she each time. For clarity, little girls remain as well these small victims.
      This little boy is born into this world, a gift from God.
      He arrives to biological parents who haven't a clue what being a parent is all about: responsibility from Day One to Moving Out Day many years later. Yet they are part of a family themselves, loved by someone, raised by someone, two families now joined together, and Baby Makes Three.
     Mommy is indifferent to him, not knowing what to do with this growing little boy. Daddy only wants what is his---never mind that "he" is a living soul created by God, and deserves what all little children should have: a loving, stable home--A responsible  mom and dad, grandparents and cousins who delight in him and play with him, and teach him values, and love him, friends and neighbors who care.
       Instead, his life is torn asunder, this little boy with the winning smile. Ripped apart by a Daddy on drugs or booze or an ego trip or a temper rage and a Mommy who has been programmed to think Daddy can do no wrong, no matter how cruel or controlling he might be.. Or by a feuding couple of adults who each want his or her own way without compromise. Never mind their child. Oh how sweet he is, this little boy only over one. One year of life, and he is a happy child. He doesn't know that Daddy downs cases of beer almost every day, that Daddy loves his drugs more than he loves the Little Guy, that Daddy rules the roost and dictates all the family is allowed. That Mommy does whatever Daddy says, and hasn't a chance to develop any ideas of her own. Never mind that Daddy one night does terrible things, smashes the windows, barricades the door, afraid that his enemies, both real and imagined, are out to get him. Never mind that Mommy fears for her child's life,  and calls for help.
        But, that is later....Now this child  is so loved by other family members who have taken care of him and played with him, in whose  arms he has cradled and slept; Aunts, uncles, grammas and grampas., loving him  maybe more than anything in the world except The Lord. He doesn't know them all who might have loved him, the ones God has taken home maybe before he was born. Maybe The Someone who might have loved him best.  Then his shelter, the one in whose arms he cradled and slept, age very old---maybe Gramma, or Uncle somebody  is gone, taken to be with the Lord. He does not know this. He comes over, just having learned to walk, and toddles down the hallway to look for that person in the  room. He looks in, but that one is not there. He comes back to the living room, but-- not here, either.. How much fun it was to push the  wheeley thing  around the house and laugh up at the one whose arms are  held out  to him......but that one is gone, and is not coming back.
     Little Guy does not know this. 
        So now it is just him, this little boy so full of life from the very moment life was given him in this world.
         Daddy has gone crazy, Mommy is crying and screaming, trying to protect him. The cops are at the door but they cannot get in because the door is barricaded from the inside. Now Little Guy is screaming, awakened from sleep by confusion, noise, cries, screams, not knowing what is happening because he is too little.  But the cops get in and Daddy squeezes his son so tight he might die, but he won't let go.  Somehow Little Guy is rescued, Daddy is gone, and Mommy is distraught.
          This is little Guy's life now. Daddy off to jail, Mommy's trying to rebuild. Friends and family rally round, and good people help with Little Guy, caring for him more and more. He is loved by many, and then trouble begins when Daddy gets out of jail and does what Daddy does best: Please Daddy. He lies and plots and schemes and gets people believing him. He has lived his life this way and it has always worked. It works now. Mama and Daddy take Little Guy and flee from the police.....and things go from bad to worse., and The Authorities are in the Mix.
           Little Guy is in their hands . He is placed in foster care or guardianship under The Authorities. At first he doesn't sense what is being done to him. At first he does what all children do: Trust the Grownups in whose care they are.
        But the Grownups don't act Grownup.
       Little Guy is being tugged back and forth in the courts and handed from home to home, like a discarded but valuable package somebody wants for some reason, even if it's because "What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine, too......" He doesn't know this, but he begins to be uncertain and confused. Or maybe he was lucky  has been placed  in a loving home with a loving family, and now this is all he knows.
        So when he is taken in to meet Daddy and Mommy, he thinks he is just going somewhere else for a little while, and Mama will come and get him and take him to Papa, which he now calls-- by his own choice--, the parents in the family who are raising him. He thinks he belongs to them and is secure in knowing that they are his and he is theirs.
       But enter Daddy, gone awhile, and now back with  Mommy. He has seen Mommy all this time, but who is this Daddy? Mama is on Daddy's side, Daddy is on Daddy's side,  Little Guy has come to love the family with whom he has been placed. He has been in their care for a year. They have a stable family life. He loves them.
        He does not know that  Mommy has  the say of who can and who cannot see Little Guy. Mama gets even with her own family members she thinks betrayed her and Daddy. So she dictates who now can and cannot see their beloved Little guy.   Little Guy is further robbed of those who love him too, with all the love to go around, Mommy and Daddy don't think of that.
        When Daddy comes into the Mix, the tug-of-war over Little Guy begins.
       No one is going to tell Daddy what he can do with "His Son". Never mind that Little Guy loves the family he is with, that they can give him a decent life: They have jobs, children, a stable home life. He is now two and has learned many sports and is good at many things. He calls them Mama and Papa. He has structure in his life, he has goals, he has security and is surrounded by moral decency and love and lots of fun things little boys and little girls love to do.
       Enter Daddy. The lies have not stopped. The beguiling begins. Little Guy is not wanted because Daddy wants him: Little Guy is wanted because Mama gets money from the State and having Little Guy will get them money from the State, and Daddy has declared he cannot work because he has health troubles.  But Daddy works at hard stuff when he thinks no one else is looking.
    Daddy  thinks he is fooling everyone and that, as soon as they get him back, No one is going to tell them who can see Little Guy and who can't. He and Mommy can do what they want. Daddy likes his way of life, and is careful not to show it to The Authorities. He thinks no one else knows, or can see through him. Or in some cases, maybe it is Mommy who is the strong, controlling one. Nevertheless, they will have their way, no matter who else gets in their way or gets hurt, even Little Guy, who is loved by so many and who loves so many.
        In the past their way of life has been to avoid work and live on welfare. Now it includes begging on streetcorners with a sign proclaiming they are homeless. (Most of the time they are not, but this is a way of life for the irresponsible mommies and daddies of whom we speak, of whom there are many).(Some of the Mommies and Daddies are rich, and ruthlessly battle in the courts for their property--The Little Ones)
         This is Little Guy's future when Daddy gets him back. And he knows he is getting his kid back, because he has snowed The Authorities. They see what a nice guy he is, or has become.  He claims he cannot work, but still does odd jobs for beer money and cigarette money. Or maybe this is Mommie, as we said---one or the other.
          Or maybe these irresponsible parents play on church people, claiming a new life, a reformed heart----sweettalking---anything to get their own way. Little Guy hasn't a chance.      
      Already Daddy is making demands to Little Guy about  his other family, what he is now supposed to do and say to them. Already Little Guy is confused. He has only been with Daddy a few times now, and Daddy is upsetting his world. He has become a part of his adopted family now. He has had them for over a year or two.
       Daddy does not deserve Little Guy. Mommy and Daddy have no structure in their lives, no means to support Little Guy, no way to give him a good life. Yet they want him because, probably, the state will give them money to raise their child. So now Little Guy is ripped from a stable family and put in a dysfunctional home where who knows how he'll end up.
      Mommy and Daddy beg on the streets. The possibility exists that with Little Guy along to sway the drivers, they could get a lot more.......
          Or maybe Little Guy will grow up lying and stealing to make ends meet. Most certainly no one will teach him much of value, for dysfunctional, irresponsible parents don't care about Little Guy.  They care---whoever they are---only about themselves.
         Because "No one is going to tell Daddy what to do."
       Daddy has no intention of sharing "his" son, our Little Guy, with those who love him.
      Daddy and Mommy have never cared about anyone but themselves, and nothing is different now.
       And so, hundreds of thousands of  Little Guys and Little Gals are being tossed about, fought over, torn about by The Authorities whose only goal is get the children back with their irresponsible parents---and the irresponsible parents---The Mommies and Daddies---whose only claim to these little lost children is that they gave birth to them--only want them back so they can use them to get whatever they can from the Welfare.
      How sad. How heartbreaking.
       Never mind the children. They are damaged. They are the ones on the losing end. They are lost to any kind of good life they might have had.
        All others lose except Mommy and Daddy.
         And in that case, what a blessing that children have no memory or their early years. What a blessing they have no memory of the good life they could have had in the care of their foster or adopted families or guardians.
          And what a greater blessing the God can overcome all . .
          But still,
          What heartache,
           what sorrow
          for those of us who are all
          left behind,
             and shut out
           The families: the friends, the ones who truly cared--
      All the others who once knew and loved and cherished
              The Little Guy, The Little Gal,
           All The Little Children
            Lost to us

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Words From The Word

    One good thing about finding a good teacher who can teach what the Bible really means, who is being addressed, and the rest, is that you find out that your faith is based on a living person, Jesus Christ, of whom records of  His life have been accurately written down and are available to mankind today.
               We do not serve a dead man.
                We are not saved by any dead man.
                 We are not saved by any device of man nor Satan.
                 We are saved by God's plan to redeem mankind by belief in Christ alone.
             We do not serve a cultist-- origin, Satan, the founder of Religion:
                    Our God planned Christianity, closing all gaps, all loopholes, all deceit:
               Our God is perfect, alive, able to keep us in every way.
         Our God has a perfect plan for each living being.
          Our God is never wrong, has never been wrong, has never sinned.
         Our God is neverending, all present, all knowing.
         Our God has given us The Word of God in the form of the Holy Bible.
         Our God provides the answers to every situation of man.
                             Here are Some:

                             Paul, to the church at Thessalonica, speaking to
                                     Believers of The Way: (Christians)
       I Thessalonians:
                   God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, talking about thanking God for all of you because of your faith growing more, and about your perseverance and faith in all the "persecutions and trials you are enduring."
                    "All this is evidence that God's judgment is right, and as a result you will be counted worthy of the kingdom of God, for which you are suffering.
                    "God is just."
                    "He will pay back trouble to those who trouble you."
                    He will give you relief from those troubles."
      Then, speaking of the end of the tribulation, when the ungodly are judged for their rejection of Christ,
                   "This will happen when the Lord Jesus is revealed from heaven in blazing fire with his powerful angels. "He will punish those who do not know God and do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus."  (the command to believe on Him)
                    They will be punished forever in agony.
                     They will be shut out from the presence of the Lord and his  Almighty    power FOREVER.
                        Read Chapter 1 for more.
                   Remember, the body of Christ, ALL BELIEVERS, will hear the trumpet call and rise up to meet the Lord in the air, all at once, BEFORE the tribulation. Christ's feet do not touch earth until the END of the tribulation on earth. The first 3 1/2 years of that period BEGIN when "the Rapture (the taking up of all believers) of the church" (us) is completed. Then begins Chapter 2:

                  In Chapter Two, Paul tells about the coming of "The lawless One"--
           who comes during the final seven years on earth as mankind knows it: ruled by Satan (through an evil man), whose last chance to divert mankind from Christ, is given free rein by our Lord. We do not know the identity of this evil man, nor when the rapture will occur, no matter what anyone tells you or predicts. Such is not from God.

                 Since this period is given the Jewish nation to finally repent and believe on Him, Chapter two starts out with the address to those Jewish during the Tribulation who have believed finally on their Messiah and have fled to the caves and mountains, and the world leader tries to lure them out with the false announcement that their Messiah has come and is calling them.
           Paul (through the Spirit) tells them not to come out, because the coming of Christ will BE SEEN BY EVERYONE. That is, when he comes from Heaven with blazing fire, glory, and power and every eye will see Him.
           Verse 3: "Don't let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day (the day of the Lord's return to earth, when His feet actually touch earth again: This is the Second Coming) will not come until the rebellion (against Israel) occurs and the
                   man of lawlessness
                       is revealed
                           the man
           doomed to destruction .
   He will oppose and exalt himself over everything that is called God
or is worshiped...........
                 THE REST of the story (which will be true) can be read in the end of Chapter 2 and other books of the Bible, both old and new testaments.
                 FOR THE EXCITING continuation of God's plan for believers, and His plan for those who refuse to believe,  read the rest of Thessalonians. End of Chapter 2, and all of Chapter 3.
                Next, a little bit of Timothy.

Bear in mind that the Bible was not written in chapter and verse, or even sequentially. Every bit of papyrus was used, right to left, and some verse divisions were made where the Bible scholars thought they should be, not necessarily where they are meant. This still does not change The Word, but man's applications in his own mind without sound guidance can and do change the truth into a lie. As seen in so many tele-evangelist hype and the rise of so many false teachers in popular and secular churches.
                So it is very important to have a sound Bible Scholar to rely on.

            One very good teaching source where
                            NO CHARGE
                  is ever asked, is Berachah Church in
                          Houston, Texas
             Their website is through BerachahChurch or
                       rbthieme ministries.
          No one is endorsing me or my opinions, nor is anyone else
                 responsible for the teachings I pass on but me.
                            I am not teaching anybody,
                just passing on the Scriptures and trying to put info
                             that will help understand what is going on
                                 as I have gained such over the years.

                             Paul's work, however, is through the Holy Spirit and by the author and finisher of our faith, the Lord Jesus Christ.
                     I urge everyone to find a true source and study.


Friday, July 22, 2016

Perhaps I'll Come Tonight by Mary Mason

           You may not taste of death, dear
              Perhaps you'll raptured be.
           Quite soon we'll walk the verdant
                together, you and Me.
           You do not know, you cannot
                  The lateness of the day,
             But time is running out, and soon
                 There'll be no time to pray.
             This is the hour of readiness,
                  So set your house aright.
            I did not come today, so look
                   For Me to come tonight.
               And if I do not come tonight,
                     Tomorrow scan the sky
               Rejoicing as you watch for Me,
                  For oh! The time draws night!
                All Heaven's host expectant waits;
                         Angelic choirs prepare;
                 A multitude of long-dead saints
                         are longing so to share
                  The glories of their Heavenly
                           with those they loved in life;
                    The Bridegroom yearns to claim
                               His own,
                         His waiting, chosen wife
                     So look for Me and keep your
                          Unblemished, pure and white.
                      I did not come today, but oh!
                             Perhaps I'll come tonight!

Friday, April 15, 2016

The Fight by N.A. Vincent

        I'm not sure how things go between brothers, seeing as how I am not one. But these three have more or less bonded since birth, and their current thing is Rassling, (termed "Wrestling" by more polite folks, but these are country brothers, so 'rassling' it is.
      I am also not sure who starts the bout, or quite how. But the circling begins, as one eyes the other, and the chance to pounce quickly gives an opening that can't be ignored. A leap and a grab and the fight is on. They roll around the floor, no holds barred, and kicking and grabbing and biting are all allowed in the fray.
      The third brother, who has remained on the sidelines, now leaps in and it is three against three or two against one, and it is amazing how fierce the fighting gets and how they seem to be killing one another.
      One leaps up and falls down hard on the other two, swiping each with a hard knock, then they fall apart, leaping again in the attack. Another feints a move, then delivers a kick elsewhere. It is "Now On Your Back--Now On Your Side-Now Upside Down Good Ol' Country Boy Rasslin'.
       This goes on until one or the other finally tires and quits the game, sauntering off to investigate other possibilities. Meanwhile the other two battle on. Finally somebody decides the battle is won and outright quits, and they seem to go their separate ways, ignoring one another.
       Not to be. Their Mom is on the scene, and somehow they gravitate to her, proud of their accomplishment and expecting praise. Instead, she captures one, holds him down and begins cleaning him thoroughly. He struggles. He cannot get away from Mom.
        Mom holds her son down firmly. He cannot escape her hold nor her administration of justice to him. Her look says, "Stop struggling, I am in control." She licks him good, then lets him go. He slinks off, tail between his legs, but still looking for trouble.
      This is too much for brother number two, who can't resist seeing what Mom has in store for him. Once again he doesn't expect what he gets: a Hold Down and a Good Lickin'. He is finally let up and makes a fast getaway.  Brother number three steers clear of Mom. He escapes the lickin' she had in store for him and which the others got. He runs off to do his own thing, which is his nature.
       Jasmine, their mother, looks pleased. She purrs with delight, makes a notable sound, and the three brothers return to her for the dinner table, which is all ready and set.
       Three little kittens commence to eat.
        Jazzy oversees their content--her sons Slash, Murphy, and Tuffy. They have awoken, they have played, and now--
         Now it is nap time.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

EXCUSING EVIL: Calling A Spade A Spade by Norma A. Vincent

                                       Chapter One....
                                 Verses 14 through 32
                                   THE HOLY BIBLE
                              The Living Word of God 
                             New American Standard
                                    Paul the Apostle
      14:   "....I am under obligation both to Greeks and to barbarians, both to the wise and the foolish.
      15:     Thus, for my part, I am eager to preach the gospel to you also who are in Rome.
      16:      For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is THE POWER OF GOD FOR SALVATION to every one WHO BELIEVES, to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.
      17: .....For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, " But THE RIGHTEOUS  man SHALL LIVE BY FAITH.

                                        Unbelief and its Consequences

            For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness.
      19:     Because that which is known about God is EVIDENT WITHIN THEM; for God has made it  EVIDENT to them.
      20:  For since the creation of the world HIS INVISIBLE ATTRIBUTES, HIS ETERNAL POWER and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, SO THAT THEY ARE WITHOUT EXCUSE.
      21:   For even though they knew God,
                      they did NOT honor Him as God,
                          or give thanks,
                but they became
                   futile in their speculations.
                Professing to be wise
              they became
       23:    And exchanged the glory of the incorruptible God for
                              an IMAGE IN THE FORM OF
                      CORRUPTIBLE MAN
                               and of birds and four-footed animals
                                        and crawling creatures.
       24:          Therefore God gave them over
              to the lusts of their hearts
                             to impurity
                that their bodies might be
                    dishonored among them.
       25.......For they exchanged
                  the truth of God
                    for a lie,
                 and worshipped and served
              the creature
                    rather than
                 The Creator,
              who is blessed forever
                 For this reason
            God gave them over
          to degrading passions;
                 FOR THAT
        27:    And in the same way
           THE MEN   abandoned
                 the NATURAL FUNCTION
                        OF THE WOMAN
                ONE ANOTHER:
                          COMMITTING INDECENT ACTS
                    IN THEIR
              OWN PERSONS
        the due PENALTY of
               their own error.
       28:      And just as they did not see fit to ACKNOWLEDGE GOD any longer,    
                  gave them over to
                              A DEPRAVED MIND,
                   to do those things
                  WHICH ARE NOT PROPER.
        29:          ...............BEING filled with all unrighteousness,
                      greed,     malice,    full of envy,     murder,
            strife,     deceit,     malice;   they are gossips.
        30 :
         32:          Slanderers, haters of God, insolent,    arrogant,
                  boastful,       inventers of EVIL, 
                          DISOBEDIENT TO PARENTS,
                  Without understanding,    
               And although they know the ordinance of God,
          that those who practice such things
                          are worthy of death
           they NOT ONLY DO THE SAME
                      but GIVE HEARTY
                                 to those
                  WHO PRACTICE THEM. 


         Let us examine ourselves, our own motives, our own hearts, each, in the privacy of our souls before God our Creator:
                  Are we any of these? ( If you are not yet saved the penalty of sin is clear--as well as the solution: Believe on the name of Christ and you will be saved).
             Those of you who are saved,  Do we profess Christ--yet go on
          committing the sins from which He delivered us by so painful a death?
     For if we do one, we are guilty, and are urged to apply 1 John 1:9:   "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."
                Let us therefore to avow to desist from these ungodly trends of our souls and turn our eyes to the Lord, who is able
                           to deliver us from all evil.
                      THE ONE who ROSE AGAIN and today
                              is sitting at
                          THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD
                       and to Whom we all shall
                              be held
              Praise the name of the Lord, Who made
                       Heaven and Earth,
                              Who is
                          Over ALL.


Friday, February 26, 2016

......R I S E N......

                         A Unique Adventure


                                                    N A Vincent

     My big decision to set foot inside a movie theater after 20 years happened today. This set off a gamut of emotions: A little bit of fear that my eardrums would rupture--memories from Grand Junction days inside the dark cave where "The Passion of the Christ" played, and I went with family and friends. The volume was so loud  it hurt my ears. So, today I went prepared: several wads of cotton, which I stuffed in and had to take out when the sound was too muffled.
     Secondly, my ignorance of "Today's Movies Operating Procedures".   I went this afternoon for the 1:30 showing. I told the ticket agent, a tall man in a suit and sporting a mustache, that I hadn't been to the movies for 20 years or thereabouts. He said, "Go inside those doors, turn right, and into Auditorium 9". Well, inside the doors were Doors number something to ten thisaway and something through something else thataway. I was alone in outer space, wondering where was everyone, as I had gotten to the theater at 1:25, and thought the movie might be beginning already!
     Third, Confusion, as I was "Lost in Space". I finally hobbled my cane down the vast corridor, found Door Number 9 and rather uncertainly opened. I don't know exactly what I expected to find, but not a soul was in any seat. I was Queen of the Empty Movie Theater! Had my choice of Seats, did I!
     I chose one: the very back seat on the aisle on my left.
     I settled in.
     I wondered why the movie hadn't started yet, as it must by now be 1:35.
     Presently something started: Ads for how enjoyable this theater company was. Then more ads. On and on they droned. Then selected previews accompanying this production. Then more selected previews for this movie, most of which looked pretty boring.     
     Which brought up a little bit of impatient annoyance to the surface.   After about twenty minutes I got up, grabbed my stuff  ( denim trench coat, in case the theater was cold, and the 50 lb purse and my navigator and 'protector'--my cane) and hobbled back a mile to the front desk to complain and demand my money back. The sweeper was out front and he got the first blast, which brought the manager, who patiently explained Why There Is No One In The Theater The First Half Hour:   Because that's when they run their ads and their previews.
      If that is so, why bother showing a half hour of ads and previews, when no one comes to see them anyway, and folks delay until the movie starts? Doesn't make sense to me, although he did explain that it gave people running late to arrive in time for the start of the film.
     No one was running late for this showing. I absolutely experienced A First!! I had the theater all to myself. It was a big theater, too.  Since I was the only-est Only One, I broke the No Cell Phones On rule and called my daughter Anne while waiting for the last few minutes of  How Good We Are to end and found out this is how things go these days, Just relax Mom, and enjoy the movie.
       So I did. Except for an employee who came in and right out again to check on things twice while the movie was playing.
      And except for a few details which do or don't detract from the movie,
  has got it right.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Two Upcoming Can't Put "em Down Authors by Sam James

                                 Publishers Wanted

                             On the Assassination of John F. Kennedy

     For Readers Who Like Intrigue based on History:
                   On the market soon, look for

              THE DUTCHMAN: An Assassin's Story
                                  by A.D. Patterson
       This book of fiction is a page-turner, even if you aren't too keen on its genre`. The interest lies primarily in the theory that the real-life event in history--the assassination of President John F. Kennedy-- was an act of conspiracy and cover-up by The Powers That Be. As the book develops, from the viewpoint of one of the assassins known as  The Dutchman, the theory proves to be not only possible but probable. A theory shared by a great many Americans.
        I was given a copy with proofreading errors. I'm an avid reader, and I can tell you this is one you won't want to put down.
       The author, A.D. Patterson, lives in Aurora, Colorado, and has other books and plays in the works. Go online to see how to obtain the book, or I can provide more information.

                        IN SEARCH OF RELIABLECHRISTIAN

                                      AGENT OR PUBLISHER

        In a totally opposite genre, the series

                                  "IMAGE OF A PERFECT SON",
                                            by N.A. Vincent

     Book One, The Fall , was published in 2003 and is now in the archives, available on e-book and paperback at
     This series portrays the invisible power struggle of Good against Evil from the Christian doctrinally-oriented viewpoint. Is not for the queasy nor those who will not admit that evil does exist, nor is it a "Grace Livingston Hill" work where all Christian characters are All Good, and all non-Christians are "All Bad"--since the old sin nature and the human condition exists in all of us--and we are delivered from it only by the blood of Christ, shed for our sins.
           No details in this post, but I will follow-up with description and excerpts from all soon.
             The rest of the series is complete, in the form of five-six completed drafts covering the 1958-1960 era plus succeeding books on "The Rest of the Story", plus
other books by "Sam James, S.Vincent James," (pen names) or me, N.A.Vincent.
          My works  would make an EXCELLENT tv series. I will be publishing excerpts from all, plus the rest of "The Dude Ranch Murders" , which I had meant to do but got interrupted.
      I am on Linked In and if any agents or publishers would like to review my work, I have plenty of "fans" (references) and finished drafts (needing editing). These are all page-turners, which readers like, and most end on the climatic What Comes Next? of the old Saturday matinees. More later.
      Google is no longer automatically sending to non-Google emails or accounts, so that presents a bit of a problem for those of us who want to reach as many as we can.  

      Talk at'ya later, then........

Friday, February 19, 2016

Signs of the Times by N.A.Vincent

        The Times, They Are A'changin'

      My mother lived through decades of changing times. She was born in a farmhouse in North Dakota in 1918. She lived through a run-a-way rig when Grampa stopped the wagon to open the gate. The team spooked and took off at a dead run with the children still in the wagon. Brother Bud yelled, "Jump, Myrtle---and jumped! Myrt hung on all the way to the farmhouse and came out unscathed.
      I think my mom had been living through exciting adventures her whole life--but remaining calm about them. Her greatest adventure was her last day, in which she lay dying in her bedroom at home, and I had for days been comforting her with passages from The living Word of God, and preparing her for the realization that she would soon be with her Lord...reassuring her that when she closed her eyes in death, she would open them instantly Face to face with Our Lord. I held her in my arms one night, slept beside her in her bed, just to let her know that I was there, though she seemed comatose, I know she understood every comfort, every word.
       My mom was 96 when the Lord took her home last March. She wanted to live more, sorry that her life was coming to an end, though she knew she would be with the Lord. She taught us well. She taught us to believe that God so loved the World, he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believed in Him should not perish, but never die.
     She lived to see automobiles chugging down dusty unpaved ruts that were called roads, then to see the strange sight of a flying machine called an airplane fly over across an untroubled sky. She married a handsome man whose motto was Wine, Women, and Song, and whom she divorced because he "gave her the clap". And probably because he would go out to the diner, charge a meal, while Mom and two toddlers sat home with nothing in the cupboard.
     She lived through the changing ages of moral living versus wild parties, the times when men wore hats and short hair and dressed like men, and women were feminine and Real Women, even though they might be dressed in overalls to help out the farm work.
       The age of the putt-putt washing machine out in Gram's yard on washday, and running the clothes through the wringer, changing the water--heated on the stove--after all the clothes were washed with homemade soap--then rinsing with the machine agitated by a switch. Then came the draining water out into the dry North Dakota land, creating a muddy stream for a short time.  She lived through the Depression, hitchhiked all over the country with her sister-in-law, when picking up strangers didn't seem so dangerous. She glided into the 50's still a young woman, endured many hardships, the suspected murder of her son at age 16, then on to the 60's and the beginning of the end of the freedoms our country has known. I think the generation of her children's children was the last era of "Spare the rod and spoil the child" discipline.
      The last era of respect and obedience children had for adults, or anything or anyone else. I'm glad in the end she was not aware of how much this world has changed. I'm glad she went with me by her side instead of cold and alone in some "nursing" home. For ten years we were together, thinking back, it was close to March of 2005 we were together again, and March of 2015 when she went away.
       She didn't have to endure the selfish MeMeMe that has become our world, the three person (Me, Myself, and I) personna that now thrives in our country.
      Where once youngsters opened the doors for their elders, spoke politely and only  when spoken to...(No one ever talked back, or argued with his parent or another elder--or out to the woodshed the child went. Children did what they were told, shared in the household labors because it was their due, were disciplined for their bad behavior and had remorse which caused them to try harder, to achieve an honorable and noble goal of some kind, to try to do well in school. They were not lazy!
       But they were loved.
     Children  knew how to play outside and invent games. They had no electronic gadgets to rob them of their inventive childhood.
     Push a button to fast forward: As the Bible has declared, "In the last days, men shall be lovers of themselves, proud, boastful, disobedient, with covetousness. Mother against child, brother against sister, fathers disobedient to the Lord. Wrong will be called right, and Right will be called wrong.
      The Old of us, who remember those days, regretfully are the victims of the times, for it is we who must change our ways to accommodate the ways now seen as The Norm by the generations who came after us. If we are abhorred in the supermarket by spoiled children sassing their parents or running amuck, we must be silent and move to some other aisle, because now they are as likely to run us over and knock us down yelling "Get out of my way" not. If our grandchildren talk back to their parents and argue with us, we are secondary to their whims and wants and tantrums, and dare not say a word, for we have become secondary to the age of The Spoiled Rotten Brat.
      Teachers and bus drivers dare not discipline any young thug in kindergarten through high school.  Cops are suddenly The Enemy, while hoods are heroes. These same young bullies can do no wrong to their parents, who seem blind to anything that used to be bad behavior. And these grow up to kill anyone they get mad at.
     We are indeed in an era of Chaos, where reason does not prevail, either in Home, At Work, At Play, In Business,  or anywhere else in our fallen country.
     Our flag is tattered
fluttering lamely in the winds of indifference, tyranny, cowardice.
     Where is this land of the free? Where is this home of the brave?
     Patriotism is in the hands of We, The Few, and we are being swept away by the tidal wave of the Irresponsibility and Ungodliness of the Many.
     Swept away by the raging torrent of evil and greed.
     God have mercy on America.