Monday, June 15, 2020

THE NEW NORM: THE BIG LIE by Norma A. Vincent

                                           The Association for Arrogant
                                                       Retired Politicians

      I just received the June 2020 issue of AARP, heading blatantly "Insights from more than 100 Experts":
                          THE NEW NORMAL
          I BROWSED through the pages, then tossed the thing in disgust. More propaganda. If the "Association for retired people" thinks that us old timers are going to leap for joy and embrace the highly touted "New Norm", they have another think coming.
           We are Americans. Our forefathers FOUGHT to be free of British tyranny. We didn't spend all these years awaiting the day when we would become like any other nation--enslaved by dictators through Communism, Socialism, Anarchy and all the other humanistic powers that roam the earth, gobbling up nation by nation---we were independent--free--altogether different from any other nation in the world. We had become a client nation to God, as had Israel before us until they rejected their Messiah-- under His care and His protection, because of the Christian prayer Warriors . We joined in wars against our allies to protect them from the invaders who wanted to conquer the world. WE were mighty. We were powerful. We were invincible.....we were careless in all our glory.
           Brainwashing wasn't in our programming. It is now. The enemy slipped in under the door, oozing oil into our very standard of living, into our beloved Republic, slowly spreading poison laced with lies and deceit,  and it seemed Americans jumped on the oil slick and went sliding right on down into the puddle of Socialism.  Now we are there!
           The Enemy used a virus, fear, division, dictates, liberalism, and anything goes tactics. Death to Freedom! Death to the Constitution of the United States! Death to the free choice as an individual. Death to Old Folks, who've lived their lives anyhow and are just a burden on our society. Death to babies, who can't earn their keep anyway. Death to God-- our false religions are doing fine without any God.
       They think they can destroy God.  They will not.
       Fear tactics.
       Even many Christians are full of fear, when our God has commanded that we "Do not fear"---the only fear allowed in His Word is the fear of God's wrath, His justice, and His power over all, His judgment of the ungodly, the unrepentant. It is coming.
       Those of us who know Bible Doctrine because we have delved into His Word and discovered where all this is leading---know, and have known, what His plan for earth's future is, and for mankind's salvation from evil and the Spiritual grave. We knew that in order for there to be a World Ruler, the United States would one day have to fall.
        We just never thought we'd see it in our lifetime.
         The beginning of the end for life on earth as it has been known for centuries. The beginning, the forerunner, of the worst chaos and destruction mankind has ever known.
         No, we do not know the date. In fact, we are warned not to precisely name any date, which only God knows. But we are also warned to be prepared for what is to come. We Christians will be snatched up at the sound of His trump in the air, which only we will hear. We'll vanish, and all the little children and those who can't decide for good and evil. The last seven years promised for the Israelis will begin, and at the end of that time, Christ returns with ALL His Heavenly Army,---including us and the angels! He then judges all those who rejected Him, and they are thrown into everlasting torment.
         So now we come to those scorners, scoffers, ridiculers of God, His Word, and His people----all Christians, including those Jews who recognized their Messiah---Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, the Savior. Theirs was a spiritual covenant, and those who reject Christ will not inherit any kingdom, for all who believe in Christ become as one body of the Church. No unbelievers will ever inherit the Kingdom of God.
         These unrepentant are in the world today working according to God's plan, although they are by no means aware of their place in it. So, we fall. It may seem that the "Propaganda" and Brainwashing by the "New Norm-ers" is working, and to an extent, it is. We here in the United States are watching the Destruction of a Nation, while our forefathers cheered the Birth of a New Nation. 
          Those who purport and support "The New Norm" have chosen their side. We who belong to the Lord are Warriors. We are the sheep of His pasture, not the goats of the World's "New Order". We serve ONE Master--Christ the Lord.
       There will be Christians who disagree with me. It is your right. But think for a moment:  Where would Christianity be today if Moses had obeyed Pharoah instead of God? Where would faith and grace and power have been, had the three Jewish boys meekly followed orders---instead being tossed into the furnace so hot it killed the ones doing the tossing, yet they were spared. Where would Christianity be today if Daniel had not refused to worship evil rulers? Where would Christianity be today if David had not survived numerous attempts to end His life?  Christ descended from the human family of David, although He was not of any genetic male coupling---He was uniquely-born, the vessel used to bring Him into the world by the Holy Spirit, a young virgin woman. He came into the world to save the world and deliver us from Evil. To deliver us from the Devil, who is the father of all living until that one choice made to believe on the Name of the Only Begotten Son of God.
        So there is hope, you see. There is no "New Norm" for the Patriotic American, nor the Christian---the true Believer in Christ as Savior.
       This hope is extended to all who have not yet believed. It is not too late, in this moment, at this time--while you yet have life's breath in your soul, to believe on Christ and accept Him.   You'll then be one of us: clothed by Christ's righteousness, saved by grace through faith in Him. Faith alone in Christ alone!
          Live your life in fear--
          Or not.