Saturday, September 15, 2012

Evil in Heavenly Realms

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers of darkness of this world, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms...." Ephesians 6:12....
What are these heavenly realms?
 Once upon a time, a long time ago, this true account of the beginning of angels was recorded in The Word of God. (the Holy Bible). Angels were created long before the time of  mankind, one above all others, Lucifer, a bright, shining, most gorgeous creature who decided to be like Christ, and to take Christ's place upon the throne. Using his freewill God gave him, he rebelled against God, which became the first sin, when he chose to battle the Lord rather than submit. He was cast out of Heaven as part of his sentence, and 1/3 of the created angels chose to accompany him in his rebellion. He became Satan.
Angels never die. So where did these angels go, and what happens--where are they now?  The cast out angels now are called demons, and they are as real and active in today's world as they were since the beginning of their rebellion. Loyal angels who chose to remain with God, formed God's warriors against these rebellious warriors.
Angels are gigantic, powerful, male creatures with powers above those of the human race, though NONE can do anything THE LORD HIMSELF does not allow. Like man, their powers are limited, unlike God, whose powers are unlimited.
An airline pilot reports for work, ready to take the controls of a gigantic flying machine. His co-pilot, both reasonably capable men, joins him. They go to the plane. The crew of hostesses and pilots board. Passengers board. Doors close.
In the tower, an aircraft controller directs the plane as to its takeoff procedure, and soon, if all goes well, the plane is airborne.
It's a sunny, bright day. Out the windows the pilot sees blue sky and maybe a few clouds here and there. Passengers see their reflections in the window, then the sky. They see nothing out there in that empty space.
But all around them in the invisible realm, an army is at work: some Christians have boarded the plane. Their angelic protectors are nearby, sitting on the wings or inside the craft, or flying above, or doing their job in which manner thay have chosen. Unbelievers, still in Satan's camp and sharing in the condemnation,  are also being watched, and two forces are wrestling over them: the army has been deployed: the angels of God are busy defeating the demonic force, and in some cases, lose a battle when a human rejects Christ for the last time, but winning, until that end is come. Still more angels are protectors of the families and friends not making the journey.
Other angels are watching over the controller in the tower, to do God's bidding in making sure all goes according to plan there. Other angel messengers are being deployed to take care of God's business everywhere in the world. There is no place they cannot go and no place they cannot be under God's direction, in the pursuit of His decrees and ultimate plans. Still more angels are battling evil in the nations of the world, protecting humans against the wiles of the murderous Satan. In dark continents, in boardrooms, in churches, hospitals, any place on earth a human has chosen to seek the Lord.
Still other angels are carrying home the dying loved ones who belong to Christ, who are now and forever will be, face to face with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
So, then, the unseen, invisible warfare is all around you. Stop and think, and ponder, whose side do you choose? Christ's army, or Satan's? Who is the ultimate winner? Can you now step outside your door, or board a flight, and not think that an invisible warfare is going on in your very presence---for your soul, if you are not saved, for your protection, if you are--and other reasons of God's?
Lastly, a memory from the past: 1955, a 16 year old boy troubled, tormented, confused. Belonging to Christ but having committed a terrible crime: Now escaped from the mental institution, making his way home back in the woods. His mother and sister return anxiously from town, hoping he is still ok. They turn into the road that winds back into the woods, baby brother sleeping on the girl's lap. She is 15, and her brother has been her best friend all their lives. She is as hurt and troubled as he is, and doesn't know what to do or how to act or how to deal with the emotions of them both.
Home is two buildings in a clearing in the woods---a small cabin, living quarters, and a barn-shaped tool shed lower floor, sleeping quarters upstairs. They arrive to a quiet yard, no sign of life, wondering where the son and brother is. Mom says she will look upstairs. In the cabin, the girl lays the sleeping baby on the single cot in the room.
Suddenly her mother's cries and piercing screams shatter the quiet. The girl runs to the rescue, thinking her mother has been attacked: Across the clearing, up the stairs......Shattered: An awful scene: Her mother wailing, her brother hanging lifelessly from a rafter.....
They take him down. Mother tries to apply resusitation, mouth to mouth, but it is plain he is dead. His eyes are glazed over, his body cold. Go for help, Mom says. The girl jumps on her horse in a wild dash through the woods to the nearest neighbors.
All is over. Her brother is taken away. They spend the night at Mom's sister's' house, under the black shadow of a hillside, in a darkest of dark nights.
The girl is wide awake, sharing the small room with her two cousins. She is devastated, numb, falling into a fitful sleep.
Suddenly wide awake: What is that sound, who are those? The room is lit up: Hundreds of gigantic, beautiful angels are singing and rejoicing....a peace comes.....
And as quickly as they appeared, they are gone.
In the morning, bitter, Mother remarks on a pastor's ignorant comment, that there was no hope for her son. Mom says, "If he didn't go to heaven, I don't want to go."
I tell her, "Mom, he is with Jesus. And then I tell her what I have seen in the night. What the cousins slept through and did not see".
I tell her this is God's reassurance to us that my brother is with Him.
That Christ, when He said on the cross "It is finished"---it is and was: His righteousness saved us. No man nor angel nor idea nor any other thing can undo what Christ did for us, in dying. No man with limited powers can undo the work of God, who has unlimited powers and the final say.
Once that line is crossed from unbelief into belief, the pact is forever.


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