Tuesday, December 31, 2013



   There's nothing more terrible personally than suffering the death of a child...Or so I thought when a phone call November 19th told me that she was dead, cause unknown until lab results came back. Then last week the awful news that she had died of a drug overdose--OD'd on Meth, which no-one who has never tried drugs, can even imagine, including me. Then A few days later, the "My Name is Meth"--which was difficult enough to read and post. Then,-- today--comes in the mail the police report. I do not know what I expected the police report to contain, but nothing prepared me for the shock, as I rifled through the pages, of seeing my dead daughter's body lying face down, half sideways, a tube and syringe still in her hand, her long brown hair covering her dead, grey face, her blue lips, the chaos of her death a terrible thing to view. I don't know what I thought.,  but I cannot stop crying, thinking of the terrible nightmares she endured, the demonic influence of this awful, unspeakable man-concocted evil drug: For we know that Satan's plan includes drug addiction--anything---to turn the soul away from the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the last straw in the battle, in the unseen warfare-- as is homosexuality, before the soul and mind turns itself away from the Lord, and the heart hardens and, if repentance and a turning away from evil is not eminent to God with His child, He takes her Home. Prematurely, a life that might have borne fruit and flourished, a life wasted, instead.  Yet she is with Jesus, because it is His righteousness which saves, not the acts nor deeds of man. Which many cannot comprehend, but we who have studied His living Word, know to be true. So with this in mind, through my tears, I can still praise the Lord that her suffering is over, that no more will she have to endure the insults of life on the street, the abuses of mankind, the hurts of the life her stubborn will chose. Now, the flower that she would and could have been blooms in the garden of God. Forever.

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