Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Two Upcoming Can't Put "em Down Authors by Sam James

                                 Publishers Wanted

                             On the Assassination of John F. Kennedy

     For Readers Who Like Intrigue based on History:
                   On the market soon, look for

              THE DUTCHMAN: An Assassin's Story
                                  by A.D. Patterson
       This book of fiction is a page-turner, even if you aren't too keen on its genre`. The interest lies primarily in the theory that the real-life event in history--the assassination of President John F. Kennedy-- was an act of conspiracy and cover-up by The Powers That Be. As the book develops, from the viewpoint of one of the assassins known as  The Dutchman, the theory proves to be not only possible but probable. A theory shared by a great many Americans.
        I was given a copy with proofreading errors. I'm an avid reader, and I can tell you this is one you won't want to put down.
       The author, A.D. Patterson, lives in Aurora, Colorado, and has other books and plays in the works. Go online to see how to obtain the book, or I can provide more information.

                        IN SEARCH OF RELIABLECHRISTIAN

                                      AGENT OR PUBLISHER

        In a totally opposite genre, the series

                                  "IMAGE OF A PERFECT SON",
                                            by N.A. Vincent

     Book One, The Fall , was published in 2003 and is now in the archives, available on e-book and paperback at
     This series portrays the invisible power struggle of Good against Evil from the Christian doctrinally-oriented viewpoint. Is not for the queasy nor those who will not admit that evil does exist, nor is it a "Grace Livingston Hill" work where all Christian characters are All Good, and all non-Christians are "All Bad"--since the old sin nature and the human condition exists in all of us--and we are delivered from it only by the blood of Christ, shed for our sins.
           No details in this post, but I will follow-up with description and excerpts from all soon.
             The rest of the series is complete, in the form of five-six completed drafts covering the 1958-1960 era plus succeeding books on "The Rest of the Story", plus
other books by "Sam James, S.Vincent James," (pen names) or me, N.A.Vincent.
          My works  would make an EXCELLENT tv series. I will be publishing excerpts from all, plus the rest of "The Dude Ranch Murders" , which I had meant to do but got interrupted.
      I am on Linked In and if any agents or publishers would like to review my work, I have plenty of "fans" (references) and finished drafts (needing editing). These are all page-turners, which readers like, and most end on the climatic What Comes Next? of the old Saturday matinees. More later.
      Google is no longer automatically sending to non-Google emails or accounts, so that presents a bit of a problem for those of us who want to reach as many as we can.  

      Talk at'ya later, then........

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