Wednesday, May 6, 2020


                       by Sam James
                       (Norma A. Vincent)

     some time ago, when I lived in Utah, as well as cleaning and scrubbing and rubbing elbows with celebrities as a motel maid in Green River , Utah, I had another of my frequent misadventures, and today's Facebook posts brought back how Time ties our adventures and misadventures together.
       In the early 1990's, I was fortunate to clean Wes Studi's room in River Terrace, Best Western, while he was making the movie "Geronimo". At the time, I didn't know who he was because I never watched television, nor went to the movies. We maids would get autographs or save stuff from the rooms.
        I saved stuff. What I saved was the box of trash that was the only thing left in the room: Dually labeled, it became labeled "Wes Studi's stuff from his wastebasket."
        I have since learned very definitely who he is and what a fine actor he is. But this is about bees, so I will move on.
        Over the course of years, I ended up in Port Orchard, Washington. I stored Wes's stuff in a cardboard box out in the shed and it was kinda buried under a bunch of other stuff.
        How all this relates to a Facebook page in May, 2020, is, a man posted that the honeybees killed off the bumblebees and that's why there aren't any more bumble bees --which we all love-- and that when I lived in Port Orchard, I saw both bumblebees and honey bees around my fruit trees, flowers, and lilac bushes. 
        The bumblebees went on about their business, but the honeybees sorta messed in mine:  I was in the backyard and saw honey bees going into the shed, which door was partly opened, so I goes in to investigate, and here they had built a nest in my Wes Studi box of scripts and paperwork from the movie. Well, I had to rescue that box.  While thinking about it, I knew I had to back off before the little buggers got about the business of protecting their nest, which was MY property, my keepsake.   Whilst pondering, one small bee looked up at me. It stared at me with its large eyes. I talked to it. Quick as a wink, ZAP, it was up out of the nest and bit my lip.  I guess my talking to it didn't work. I exited pretty durn quick, kind of surprised how little a honeybee sting hurts, having been stung over a hundred times by bees when I was about four, and other times as a grown-up (debatable.....)
        As I shut the door, I plotted how I'd get my treasure back, and that night I fixed a box full of old papers, etc. , went out into the shed after the bees were asleep for the night, transferred their nest to the new box carefully but quickly and loosely shut the lid in the four corner old method and hurriedly gave it a toss over the fence to the wilderness area.   (in the blackberry bushes).
       The next day I went out and as I neared the fence, a couple of the bees made a bee-line for me so I hastily retreated. I don't know whether or not they relocated their nest, but all of this came to mind again because of a Facebook Post that the honeybees had killed off the bumblebees.
      Hence Bumblebees +honey bees + Wes Studi box + motel maid + movie making ='s a grand misadventure.

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