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A Day Missed in Time April 12, 2021

A DAY MISSED IN TIME by Norma A.Vincent What happened on Monday, April 12, 2021 In Clarksville, Tennessee, During The Prolonging of the Beginning of the End of the United States of America THERE is nothing like dreaming something awful happened only to wake up and discover that it actually did. I have an Aunt who has actually died twice and come back again both times, as it seems the Lord was not ready for her yet. She is saved, and those of us who believe in Christ the King at least have that wonderful secure knowledge to know that whatever happens to us, our souls will fly to the Lord Jesus Christ upon death. I have no idea how those who do NOT believe, cope. But I do know one thing: What happened changed me: I was weak, confused, humbled, scared, disturbed, ashamed, helpless, afterwards wondering why things happened the way they did, because I basically have not much memory of what happened at all. And being a Warrior for the Lord, my question was, what caused this? Satanic activity? Some unknown condition that crept in the door? A forewarning of something not good to come? Little by little some of the incidences are beginning to vaguely fill the compartments of my brain.........but again, I thought I only dreamed these, until I became fully awake in the hospital. In a twist of evil fate, the doctors this past year of 2020 have refused to take people without masks on. I stand on the principle of the law, legitimately-passed as the Americans With Disabilities Act,--that it is my right not to be forced to wear a mask, that what comes from evil does not have to be followed to the letter of the mandates of evil men. Thus I might have imagined all kinds of things wrong with me, but, that being said, I have borne all kinds of indignities and abuses over the years and have never fallen, including getting this virus from a friend just back from Italy in November of 2019, long before the lies came out about when it hit the country. We were both VERY sick. Right or wrong, my banner of serving the Lord is that “You either trust the Lord, .....or you don’t.” I cannot waver from that creed. I CAN’T begin to say how the day began, except that I know I DID get up in the Morning on Monday at least for awhile. I do not remember putting my dogs in their shed Sunday night, as I think I might have let them stay out. I started locking them in their shed at night to cut back on their barking and disturbing the neighbors. I eventually remember that I had a TERRIFIC top and back of the head-headache, and I guess I did sit down at this computer and communicate to my daughter Anne: I apparently sent her this message: “I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE.” Then I must have decided to get up and go take a nap in bed, which I never do. That’s the last I remember. I WAS IN SOME BLACK, DARK PLACE. I was trying to climb my way out of the black, up the wall. Somewhere I heard a telephone ring but I couldn’t move, couldn’t get up to answer it, couldn’t see, couldn’t get out. I couldn’t wake up. I dreamed I called Anne and said, “I don’t know what is happening here,” but 2 she says that I typed it in a message, which I don’t remember. THE next I know it was deep into the night and I came partly awake to find some strange men were standing at my bed, and Anne was at the bedside telling me to wake up. I said, “Anne, what’re you doing here?” She said she came straight from arriving home from Memphis because she’d been trying to call me all day and I didn’t answer. She called 911 and they were here. (I think she said, I’m not sure). They must have arrived when she did. I’m not clear on this. Sometime around midnight? I don’t know. They helped me change into something and I don’t remember going out the door and into the emergency van. The men apparently supported my arms to get me out there, but I don’t remember. I woke once enroute, lying on a gurney, and then again once as they were going through the hospital doors. I learned in the morning it was Tenova Hospital, and the nurse who attended me, Anne said was Susan. I don’t remember much after I got to the hospital. I know they took a lot of tests, but I have no idea what or when. Some embarrassing stuff, the usual, but nothing to be done about it. I do know that when Anne brought me awake, I got out of the dark place. I usually have to go to the bathroom at night every hour, but I couldn’t get up so it was the catheter for me, never a pleasant experience, but once I fell asleep again I don’t remember anything else til morning. It all seemed like a dream or nightmare I dreamed. It’s awful not to remember what you did. We were able to leave in the morning, Tuesday, and go home, and I guess the diagnosis was that I was dehydrated, but I am not sure how that could have happened. I’ve always had to urinate frequently since I was a small child, and nothing has changed. Tuesday Anne stayed with me overnight, and then went home late morning. I didn’t tell her I had a bad sinus headace as I did not want her to worry and I have had these before. I am quite worried about my vision, though, as I need to get to an eye doctor and make sure I am not getting macular degeneration. It’s been back in June in Washington State since I went to Dr. Mills, who took me without a mask, and down here they are fearful I’m gonna kill them all if I breathe on them. I confess, I do not understand Christians who “fear”, when Christ has told us not to. He has given us common sense, and that is what I live by: common sense and faith. I pray I do not go blind because of this faith and my refusal to go along with the dictates of the enemy. The sinus pain in my right side of my face was agonizing. I took some pills, reluctantly, and went to bed early. It had disappeared Wednesday morning, but a terrible apprehension overcame me. I felt as though I was walking around in a surreal world, a dreamworld, not reality. I didn’t want to do anything or go anywhere, and an unfamiliar feeling engulfed me: I WAS AFRAID. And I am not a person who lives my life in fear. It took Thursday and Friday of prayer, asking God to heal me, before the fear left. I asked my God to return me to normal. It is Saturday, and I am on the trail to recovery now. I confided in my buddy neighbor and he told me that once he had gone through something very similar, and had felt very much the same as I felt the day after. That was comforting. Today I called my Aunt who had died and come back to life. She said it took her a long time before she stopped having these kind of feelings, so I’m a bit relieved to know I am not alone out here in this twilight zone, this weird part of human life that those afflicted cannot 3 understand. A person thinks, “It is never going to happen to me,” and one does not understand exactly what happens to a person when death is at the door, even when you don’t suspect it might be. The doctors did not find any fatal condition at all. Anne says when she came I was talking to my mother,–who went to be with the Lord in 2015-- I had my eyes open and was not asleep, but to me I was dreaming all of this , standing in a black , black place, trying to claw my way out. She says she thought I was dying, but of course we do not know. I struggled mightily to wake up at her urgence, and then did not awaken completely.. I have longed to go to Heaven for many years, yet God always takes others first. Why this happened, I do not yet know, but I do know that I will cling to the Lord my Savior as long as breath is in my body. It is quite possible I was under Satanic attack, which many of you will not understand–but others will. It is also quite possibile I ate too many peanuts the night before and unbeknownst to me, I could be allergic to them. But I will everafter on earth view life and people differently than I have before. The End

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