Saturday, June 15, 2013


     The trampling of American Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America is now in progress, not only from alien nations and alien religions from abroad, but from within, by the very people who have been "elected" to the power they now hold in "governing" us.
     We are no longer a basically "Godly" nation, respecting Who and What God is and what He has done for this country because our forefathers saw the wisdom of loving and worshipping Him.
      Instead, the majority of people in this once great nation have become fools, electing fools to office, delighting in their "liberty" from "religion" (meaning Christianity: All other religions are accepted), when in fact, they have enslaved themselves into the satanic (cosmic) system of false religions, while the truth and the True Giver of Truth (Christianity) becomes the persecuted church, and our Savior ridiculed, blasphemed, and scorned.
     I've just finished reading General H. Norman Schwarzkopf's autobiography of his life, including his command of the Middle East forces when Iraq made war on Kuwait. Our country was asked by the Saudi Arabians to intervene, to help against the invasion from their "Arab brothers". The United States complied, and The General was chosen to head the entire command. (I will hereby refer to General Schwarzkopf, for the most part, as The General.)
     I have found The General to be not only a brilliant military strategist, but a man of extreme common sense, a quality lacking in many of today's politicians as well as many military leaders. He was also an honest man. Whether or not he was saved (a believer in the Christ as the only Way to God) I do not know.
    He was in control of hundreds of thousands of men in a country which lives in the dark ages and worships one of the cruelest false gods in the history of man: a dark religion which forbids just about everything and holds women worthless and expendable and thinks nothing of murdering those who do not do as they say. I'm amazed that he was able to remain sane what with all the demands put upon him by the Arabian government, as to what our troops could do and what they could not do: so much activity was condemned and rejected by the King and the  ruling princes, it is a wonder any victory was achieved at all.
   The compromise of United States values was achieved by any chaplains' adherence to Saudi Arabian Muslim laws--chaplains were not allowed to openly worship Christ, publish services, wear crosses or bring Bibles into the country. Whether or not he agreed with their "culture developed over thousands of years" The General had to placate both the American servicemen who were used to their own type of "girlie" entertainment, and the Saudi government, which strictly forbid any such activity.
    My quotes are from the aforementioned autobiography.
    After explaining to the troops what they could and could not do, The General read them excerpts from a book called The Arabs by journalist David Lamb. "I explained that the Middle East had a culture developed over thousands of years, yet we'd come flying in, thoughtlessly expecting to operate the same way we had in Hinesville, Georgia, or Fort Campbell, Kentucky. I repeated what I'd told the chaplains about religious insignia and the publicizing of religious services.
     "One commander objected to my ban on sexy magazines, claiming the troops had a 'constitutional right' to the same reading matter they enjoyed in the United States.
     "I rejoined: 'I hope you recognize that the Constitution of the United States applies only on U.S. soil, and therefore we don't have any constitutional rights in Saudi Arabia. The law of the land here happens to be Saudi law. SO JUST LIKE WE REQUIRE THEM TO OBEY OUR LAWS IN THE UNITED STATES, THEY HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO REQUIRE US TO OBEY THEIR LAWS HERE." (This made an impression).
     Now, I have capitalized the above sentence and enclosed them in the brackets, to EMPHASIZE my own point: They ARE NOT "obeying our laws". Instead, they are coming here TRYING TO ENFORCE THEIR OWN LAWS to usurp the authority of the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES and are NOT BEING MADE TO ADHERE TO OUR CONSTITUTION AND TO OUR STATES' LAWS AND FEDERAL LAWS.
    Why? Their laws are in DIRECT OPPOSITION to God's commands and rules of establishment for THE FREEDOM OF A NATION.
    I will conclude with another quote from The General as he left Saudi Arabia: "The day I left Riyadh to return to the United States, General Khalid made a statement in a speech that every American should think about. He said, 'If the world is only going to have one superpower, thank God it is the United States of America." When I think about the nations in the past fifty years that could have emerged as the world's only superpower--Tojo's Japan, Hitler's Germany, Stalin's Russia, Mao's China--and the darkness that would have descended on this world if they had, I appreciate the wisdom of Khalid's words. Because we have emerged as the only remaining superpower, we have an awesome responsibility both to ourselves as a nation and to the rest of the world. I don't know what that responsibility will mean to the future of our great country, but I shall always remain confident of the American people's ability to rise to any challenge."
     THE CHALLENGE is inside our gates: the insidious takeover of our nation by ungodly forces, by alien nations attempting to force their beliefs upon us.
    Whatever it takes.
    Whatever it takes: Our nation is under siege. Who will come to her rescue?

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