Sunday, April 21, 2013


   LOOKING FOR THE FAMILY OF JACK ELMAR WILLIAMS, former navy man, AND DOLORES WILLIAMS, who was from Portugal. Both are now deceased, but I am trying to locate JACK'S SON, DAN, and wife DIANNE, and CHILDREN.....TIM, TANYA, AND TINA.
    The children would be close to or in their 20's by now. Last known Address,
 Sacramento, California
    RELATED FAMILY MEMBERS WHO might know where they are, listed:
          Faron Yeo, Fruita or Mack or Grand Junction, Colorado
          Jack Williams, singer songwriter, Nashville, Tennessee
               (assiciated w Blackwell Music)
          Sue, Barb, and Al Williams, last known addresses, Middletown, California, 8 years ago.
    Aunts/uncles Bob and Marylyn Williams, Grand March or Hales Corner, Wisconsin, and James and Ruth Williams, Newport News, Virginia.
      A "family" member, Dan and Kim Williamson.
      I need to find Dan and Dianne, or Timmy, Tanya, or Tina. Help would be appreciated. Please call 1-360-895-4101 if you know where any of Jack's family are, particulary Dan and his clan. Thanks. The Old Cowgirl. Ask for Norma.         

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