Friday, April 15, 2016

The Fight by N.A. Vincent

        I'm not sure how things go between brothers, seeing as how I am not one. But these three have more or less bonded since birth, and their current thing is Rassling, (termed "Wrestling" by more polite folks, but these are country brothers, so 'rassling' it is.
      I am also not sure who starts the bout, or quite how. But the circling begins, as one eyes the other, and the chance to pounce quickly gives an opening that can't be ignored. A leap and a grab and the fight is on. They roll around the floor, no holds barred, and kicking and grabbing and biting are all allowed in the fray.
      The third brother, who has remained on the sidelines, now leaps in and it is three against three or two against one, and it is amazing how fierce the fighting gets and how they seem to be killing one another.
      One leaps up and falls down hard on the other two, swiping each with a hard knock, then they fall apart, leaping again in the attack. Another feints a move, then delivers a kick elsewhere. It is "Now On Your Back--Now On Your Side-Now Upside Down Good Ol' Country Boy Rasslin'.
       This goes on until one or the other finally tires and quits the game, sauntering off to investigate other possibilities. Meanwhile the other two battle on. Finally somebody decides the battle is won and outright quits, and they seem to go their separate ways, ignoring one another.
       Not to be. Their Mom is on the scene, and somehow they gravitate to her, proud of their accomplishment and expecting praise. Instead, she captures one, holds him down and begins cleaning him thoroughly. He struggles. He cannot get away from Mom.
        Mom holds her son down firmly. He cannot escape her hold nor her administration of justice to him. Her look says, "Stop struggling, I am in control." She licks him good, then lets him go. He slinks off, tail between his legs, but still looking for trouble.
      This is too much for brother number two, who can't resist seeing what Mom has in store for him. Once again he doesn't expect what he gets: a Hold Down and a Good Lickin'. He is finally let up and makes a fast getaway.  Brother number three steers clear of Mom. He escapes the lickin' she had in store for him and which the others got. He runs off to do his own thing, which is his nature.
       Jasmine, their mother, looks pleased. She purrs with delight, makes a notable sound, and the three brothers return to her for the dinner table, which is all ready and set.
       Three little kittens commence to eat.
        Jazzy oversees their content--her sons Slash, Murphy, and Tuffy. They have awoken, they have played, and now--
         Now it is nap time.

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