Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hit or Miss--A Voter's View 2016, Part 2 by Norma A. Vincent

     THE DEBATE, continuing:


     There is too much history of wrongdoing on the part of The Clinton's in office for me to be totally impartial to you, my being a Conservative with old fashioned values.
      I have dubbed you The Female Impersonator, for the following reasons.
          The debate brought forth several unpleasant aspects of your personality:
                    You are for homosexuality and unisex.
                    Red-blooded American women like Red-blooded men, not
                 If a Lezzie ever selected you for her prey, maybe you'd change your
                    Perversion is perversion. You can't have the best interests of children
              at heart and still support PERVERSION.

          Next, like your opponent, Donald Trump, you did not stick to the issues.
Voters-- Democrats and Republicans and Independents (such as myself)-- are sick and tired of the mud-slinging, the childish name-calling, the repetitive faults of the other candidate, the avoidance of the issues. We want to know WHAT YOU INTEND TO DO and HOW YOU INTEND TO DO IT.
            Thirdly, you are one of the most rude public speakers on the air today. You did not wait your turn politely, you interrupted, and, when it was your turn, you refused to quit when the moderator called Time Up, but insisted on extolling your own "qualifications" for being elected, most of which are not true. No one else could get a word in edgewise, including the BIASED moderators.
            You call us stupid. Yet you berate Trump for the very same fault. You think we are sheep led to the slaughter, and you have said as much in the past and continue to do so. You hide behind the veil of evil with lies and distortions, so obvious to We The People. Neither you nor the moderators "accepted" or even listened to Trump when he
answered the question about his taxes. He used the same devices you and your rich friends use, and any other American who pays taxes and uses those tools.

            Many of the "Issues" that you seem to think are important to THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are not the issues that We, The People, think are important.
         The Issues:

        We want less government control, not more!
         We want less government spending and
                  more responsibility with United States assets: Wise use of our taxes, not for ridiculous issues such as "global warming" !God controls the weather!
          We want Adherence to The Constitution of the United States of America,
                  which means:
                          FREEDOM from Government Interference in our lives
                           No Baby Killing. You say you are for the children, yet you kill them.
                                Whether or not a baby is a person in the womb, it is NOT your
                         call  nor anyone else's to decide whether that "child" lives or dies:
                        IT IS GOD'S DECISION ALONE, AND ONLY GOD'S.
                       Responsibility for crimes committed while under oath in Office, a
                                 big FAILURE of the current administration.
                       We want immediate assistance to our ambassadors and representatives  
                                 in peril overseas. Use of covertly-trained military. That's what we
                                 have them for. We want A STRONG MILITARY TO DEFEND US
                                     from our ENEMIES,  both WITHIN and WITHOUT.
                        We want any KNOWN enemies within our border deported
                                        immediately with no re-entry , ever.
                                    We want tax change, a set percentage for all, automatically
                                          withheld from salary, eliminating mountains of paperwork.
                               No loopholes, no rigamaroe , and eliminating the powers and

                                         offices of the Internal Revenue Service
                         Folks on welfare being required to do some kind of service within their
                                     capabilities in exchange for what they receive, even if they
                                      cannot hold a regular job.
                          No robbing Peter to pay Paul: Hands off our Social Security
                            Elimination of "Pay for Life" for politicians,
                                    including the office of the President
                            The disbursement of ALL public lands the Federal Government
                                    claims to own: The Constitution does not give the government
                                     the right to OWN anything. The land and parks BELONG TO
                                    WE THE PEOPLE. This land should be portioned back to
                                        the people in some fair way.
                               More effort made to SUPPORT the true citizens of the U.S. and
                                     less emphasis on pleasing immigrants and other NATIONS.
                               Back to BUSINESSES being American, not International!
                                    No part in the United Nations. Nations are to be independent.
                                 ALLIANCE WITH ISRAEL. STAND WITH ISRAEL, WE
                                        PROSPER: Go against Israel---WE FALL.
                                    Mostly, we want justice for our active and retired
                                             MILITARY. The money paid out to politicians
                                    for life SHOULD BE THEIRS.

                       The above list
                   is by no means all that we want.

            Your record stands against you. You have done very little for We the People in the many years you have been in office---The Cover-ups notwithstanding:
             ( No mention of the 9 mysterious deaths of people close to the Clinton
                  administration while the two of you were reigning.)
                 No one but  misguided folks believes you when you open your mouth.
             You brought up many of Donald Trump's so called faults.
                 Yet you yourself are guilty of one of the greatest atrocities ever ignored by the Administration of the United States of America:
               One word:
          How you can live with yourself after seeing that terrible picture of  Ambassador Stevens--STILL ALIVE-- being tortured, raped, his genitals shocked with cattle prods, while you and the O'bamas sit at home collecting money from the People of The United States of America beyond my comprehension---and the comprehension of ALL THE DECENT PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY.
              And you still claim to care about We, The People?
             I don't think so.

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