Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hit or Miss: A Voter's View of the October 2016 Candidates' Debate

                                   A Word of Advice to

                                                 DONALD TRUMP 
                                                HILLARY CLINTON
                                                   Norma A. Vincent
                                             Independent Journalist
                                             Authentic American Artist,
                                                 Writer, Poet, Cowgirl

     Whether or not, as an American, you are disappointed in the choice of Presidential  candidates it's too late now: Our choice narrows down to "The Lesser of Two Evils".           No need to repeat the mud-slinging that covered both, the sins exposed, because, at this point, nobody cares. We are tired of hearing it.
        We want issues,--not childish name-calling. We want direct answers to direct questions.
        We want Reform, both in personal behavior on stage and of our country's vital shortcomings and needs---which is what our Congress and system of Presidential power is all about.
     Instead we get repetition of the other's faults:

         We want an INDEPENDENT moderator who will put up with NO NONSENSE from EITHER CANDIDATE-- and show no deference to either . Two possibilities are Judge Judy and Judge Jeanine.  We are sick and tired of all the slanted, biased favoritism.
     Give us a break.

         Plaudits for your choice of Pence: A wise choice, good business.
          We don't care about Hillary's emails, her lies, her sins, because THEY HAVE BEEN EXPOSED a million times. We KNOW about them. Enough, already! We know about her part in the murder of our people in Benghazi, and the nine mysterious deaths of people close to the Clinton Administration. And all the rest she denies and tries to sweep under the rug.
      What we want is this:   THINK carefully about what you might be asked, and then, WITHOUT PREAMBLE OR reference to Hillary, GIVE A STRAIGHT and direct answer.
      Nobody cares how many taxes you paid. AMERICA is the land of entrepreneurs, of moguls, of freedom to pursue what you want. Or was. You have a right to make money. You have a right to use the "tax loopholes" the system gives you, flawed though may be.   You are right: You are only doing what EVERY OTHER RICH MAN DOES, and many a poor man: Use whatever means is at your disposal to keep your money instead of having the GOVERNMENT waste it on such things as "Global Warming." Last I heard, (Bible doctrine....), it is GOD WHO CONTROLS the weather. Puny man can't change a blamed thing.
          Those of us who are poor don't want our money going for useless causes, nor to pay the salaries of retired politicians for life, nor to support illegals, nor to aid rich other middle eastern nations. Nor any of the other irrelevant "causes" that are important only to the politicians who want the credit for making them.
     The Clintons have made millions off our backs.
           Your plans are sound, but amplify and enforce them, not criticism of her.
           You told the moderators about using the tax laws. Did they listen? No, but we the people heard you.
     We like the way you stood up not only for yourself but Against Hillary Clinton, whose smug smirk was noted as well as your scowls.
      Don't dwell on the past comments about women, illegals, all the other bad choices you made in your beginning campaign. If they persist in that line, tell them, "We've been over that, we've dealt with that issue."  (Let him who has never sinned cast the first stone......" Move on.
            Don't lower yourself to their level. Learn to have some control over what makes you mad. Speak up, but don't mudsling. Stick to the issue. Don't keep going over the same old ground already covered.
        Hillary's interruptions only made her look like a rude, egotistical , arrogant fool.
The moderator's favoritism does not go unnoticed by the people.
         We are glad you have the courage to speak out and speak up, but don't use that power to sling the other candidate: Use it to stick to the issues and bluntly say what you intend to accomplish and that plans are being formulated, as any good businessman would do: Pros and Cons. Pros and Cons. Problem Solving.
     Your thoughts and speech on her good qualities far outweighed her meager attempt to find something good about you when clearly she hadn't a clue of anything she found good in you. Any dog can have a litter, but it takes a gracious person to see his opponent's assets, and you clearly did accomplish that. And all she could claim was "You have nice children?" If it were up to her, she'd probably have aborted your children a day or so before they were due.........
       On to other things:  Yes, I am voting for you.
      Because of your stand on the issues:
       We want:
Less Government, Not More.
Less rules and regulations, not more.
Less taxes. Less monetary generosity to foreign nations.
More covert action by our superb trained military forces to take down ANYONE who tries to destroy our country. You pointed this out. They didn't even hear. They didn't listen.
       No other law but United States law allowed.
       No one being able to come here to make their own laws and ignore ours. No Muslim men allowed to murder their women and get away with it, same as any other murderer.
      Immediate support of any Americans in danger in other countries.
      End Diplomatic Immunity from crimes committed on American soil.
     No abuse of "Executive Privilege"
      The release of "Government" lands back to the Public Domain: us!
     An end to liberal "lack of actions" for the good of all of us.
     An end to Politicians lifetime salaries on the backs of the people.
     An end to "Political Polls"---which none of us believe anyway.
      Military supplies to be bought from local businesses and not on a "Contract" basis. Obvious reason: Too tempting to defraud by overcharging.
       Cut government spending.
       The PARKS belong to The People---Never again the manipulative ploy to close our parks "to save the government"---during which time the "Government" paid $4 million dollars to the PBS network to continue broadcasting!
      This is all for tonight. Next installment coming soon. Lots more to say, also Hillary's turn, but these issues are too important for our candidates to be fighting like children  or cats and dogs instead of showing the leadership qualities we need in our President.
        Things to think about: What can we do about the biased Press who "control" these debates? Disgusting and Disgraceful. The United States has become the Laughing Stock of the World.

                                    ........TO BE CONTINUED........

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