Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Watched an interesting news item on Int.Nt.  this morning, an interview with three respected journalists whose "snoop" job is to track down statements/ads declarations/slung mud from political opponents and parties---to determine whether or not each "charge" is TRUE or FALSE. Very interesting, what each had to say, and seemed an amiable bunch in agreement on most things. Some questions answered, and they are all open to views and news from the average Joe who has found out something (FACTS) through legitimate investigation.
     We have all voiced our laments and disgust on the content of political ads, namely, that we are SICK AND TIRED OF LIES, FALSE CHARGES, FALSE CLAIMS and "ANYTHING GOES' political campaigns JUST TO GET ELECTED. Both parties, both (anyone running for high office) candidates are guilty of deliberate misrepresentation in their campaigns. Unfortunenately, I can't remember the names of the three gentlemen. But worth seeing.
      I gave up even wasting my time listening or watching to ANY political spiel because of the very above reason. As a reasonably intelligent person.....(as those of you who know me well can testify to...ahem....ahem...) I realized long ago that most ad campaigns are either all lies, half lies, half truths, or almost no truth at all. TRUTH IS A RARE COMMODITY ON THE POLITICAL SCENE . Not so hot in the commercial area, either! No candidate should PROMISE ANYTHING. Just say he'll try to work out better solutions than we have, with the help of Congress and the citizens!. BE HONEST WITH THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES INSTEAD OF TREATING US AS THOUGH WE ARE MORONS!!!
 (Are we, in fact, Morons? We certainly are if we continue to let our government tell us when we can visit the outhouse and when we can't........

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