Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monsters? +++A Poem by N.A.Vincent

Let other men discover
    Monsters in the
There are certainly some
      limits to my

If there be a shark of forty feet
    Or Monsters in
       Loch Ness
I for one don't care to see--
     I'll be content
        to guess.

If there be a Monster
     10 feet tall--
  A Sasquatch in
       the wood
I wouldn't go a lookin'
   even if I could.

If there be an
   out there
 with arms as long
    as ships--
Somebody else
   can find him
and get eaten
by his lips.

If there be a dragon
    on the isle
Who'd eat me
    in a minute..
Someone else can
  hunt him down--
His mouth won't have
      me innit.

I'll be content to know that
         these Monsters
     live somewhere--
   As long as I am safe
        at home
     and they are
   way out there!

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