Thursday, October 25, 2012

Your Life Is A Gift

"This is the day which the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in it."

When's the last day you rejoiced that God had given you life?. Did you know...the very breath of life which is in you was given to you by God upon your moment of birth?

The trails are rugged. Cliffs are steep and rocky. The canyons wide, the rivers deep, and ---oh golly, I'll never make those rapids--this river is impossible to cross! I'm here to tell ya it isn't. The same God who created the universe by the word of His mouth and who keeps it going by the same---is the same God who gave you the gift of life. The same God who loved you so much He gave His only uniquely born son Jesus.
    Now maybe He is saying that the life of someone I love very dearly is being recalled to whence it came....While the body returns to dust, the living soul who rejoices in Christ returns to the heavens above to the Father, to the very presence of God in three Persons, to dwell with Him forever in unimaginable light and perfection. We will meet in heaven one by one, to join those of His and ours who have gone before us. If you're my family or my friend, I hope, if I search Heaven for you, that I will find you.
   Yet the unrepentent soul life also lives on-- eternally separated from the God who gave it to you to whom this applies.
    But your destiny is not the beautiful realm of glory---your destiny is vividly described in the Word of God: the lake of fire, created for the devil and his fallen angels. (torment forever. Wailing and gnashing of teeth forever; unendurable burning flesh forever. No relief forever: outer darkness forever. NO LIGHT FOREVER.
     Please. Value this life Christ has given you. Next time you draw in a breath, imagine having no air, no breath of life to inhale. Contemplate your destiny. Dwell on your choice. Think about it. Consider your options---ONLY TWO: WILL IT BE HEAVEN AND LIGHT, joy and glory with Christ,---or will you choose to throw away the gift of life you''ve been given, IN THE TRASH CAN OF HELL, where never, never WILL YOUR TORMENT END AND THERE IS ONLY DARKNESS AND THE ABSENCE OF GOD FOREVER.
     Step out of God's impersonal love which caused him to sacrifice His own son for a dark world INTO THE PERSONAL LOVE HE GIVES ALL WHO BELIEVE IN CHRIST THE SON. You will step into the most wonderful personal relationship mankind has ever known---communion with God, fellowship instantly,  with the very ONE TRUE GOD, creator, savior, friend.
     Don't wait. If you die now without him, the choice is ended.
    And that, my dear friend and family---is TRUE.

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