Monday, April 15, 2013



    I was delighted to find American made flags while shopping to get a couple of small ones for my mailbox. I got these locally in Port Orchard from Scott McClendon's Hardware, at a very reasonable price. Though I'm far from being a tycoon rolling in dough, I'll sacrifice something else to buy American. I read the labels, and if I can do without the item, if it's not made in America I'm not going to buy it. Sometimes I have to, but, bringing up something Donald Trump said, "America is not manufacturing anymore. You can't find factories in America anymore."
    I'm proud to say Annin flags are in business, and I say, give them YOUR business instead of the companies sending labor to Timbucktu,. It's time we got back to SUPPORTING AMERICA AND AMERICAN VALUES.
    I got to wondering about Donald, after his speech, and about "putting your money where your mouth is", especially when I read somewhere that he had real gold-everything in his private jet. That speech he made was totally in agreement with my own views on life in devalued America--although I don't have his money. But he's rich enough he could start a few factories and put a lot of people back to work and put the money-grubbing liberals out of business of controlling the population of our country through fear, welfare, and other programs designed to destroy our individuality, freedom, and rights.
    Another company to buy from is U.S.A. gas stations, at Albertson's, because their refineries are in Alaska and supportive of America. We have enough oil in this country we do not need to buy from any ungodly country which allows its laws to murder women (their own wives and daughters) and which still lives in the Dark Ages. AMERICA AND AMERICANS CAN SUPPORT OURSELVES. We don't need foreigners or any "United Nations" telling us what we can and can't do. The Lord has set forth in His Living Word the precepts of government in all areas--from personal liberties to the marriage vows (the institution of marriage as ordained by God Himself is between One Man and One Woman, and homosexuality is an abomination to Him) to the national entity of government bodies:
    Liberalism and internationalism have NO PLACE IN AMERICA, ONCE A LAND OF FREEDOM,  now a PITIFUL SHADOW OF HERSELF.
   Yet we still have more freedom here than other places: I urge you all to read "VOICE OF THE MARTYRS" and find out what CHRISTIANS ARE SUFFERING for their faith. On all sides CHRISTIANS are being TORTURED IN TERRIBLE WAYS. (EXAMPLE: Christians in prison in Communist countries have been chained to the floors on their backs and used for latrines by their tormentors: Forced to work in ditches running in human waste up to their heads. Yes, this is true, not something made up). And currently persecuted and murdered by MUSLIMS ENSLAVED  IN THE SATANIC  ISLAMIC FALSE RELIGION full of lies, started by some fanatic now MOLDERING IN HIS GRAVE. Or COMMUNIST COUNTRIES WHO BELIEVE IN NO GOD AT ALL.
   CHIRST IS RISEN!  He is Alive, not moldering in any grave, and is the only true God and you know what? He came to die for sinful mankind but death could not keep the KING OF THE UNIVERSE. He LOVED US! You! and Me! Ain't that great? He is a God of love, not a murderer of woman and babies. He is full of GRACE and MERCY. He gives us GRACE. He shows us MERCY, when none of us deserves either!
      The Bible declares: All have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.
                                   The wages of sin is (spiritual) death, but
                            The gift of God is eternal (spiritual) life through
                                      Jesus Christ our Lord.
                     For God so loved the world that he gave His only
                                begotten (uniquely born) son, that
                              Whosoever believeth in Him should
                                     not perish, but
                           Have everlasting life."
            He who has not the SON has not THE FATHER.
         and finally, the way to salvation:
            "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved."
         All of the above are truths written in the living Word of God, as well as,
    "In the beginning was the Word (Christ), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."
                     I John
                Praise God for His grace and mercy to mankind.
      Christ is THE ONLY ANSWER TO the depravity and SINFULNESS of mankind, and to MAN'S INHUMANITY TO MAN.
      We have enjoyed freedom in this country because this nation was FOUNDED ON GODLY PRINCIPLES. The majority of the nation's population HAVE TURNED THEIR BACKS ON GOD.
      We are now suffering the DOWNFALL of our ONCE GREAT NATION.

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