Monday, April 1, 2013


   Today was Post Op visit two to the Dr.s. office. My eye is still partially swollen but the swelling is going down. However, I did learn a few more things. The day after surgery at my Post Op visit when I opened my eye I could see nothing but a round circle of light, fog, fog, fog. I expected by today I'd be able to see clearly. Wrong. Although it's much better, and I can see more clear shapes and tell what everything is, I can't see anything clearly.
   Before surgery I was asked if I wanted near or far treatment. Not knowing anything about it, I found out of course "near vision" or "far vision". Well, from today's visit I found out that if it's your dominant eye, they'll ascribe far vision to it. I thought I was getting surgery to make my close-up vision better, because that's what I need. But the Dr. explained that the dominant eye is assigned the far vision (I guess to spy accurately on the neighbors.......) and since the right eye is the dominant eye, they put in the larger lens for far vision, and it needed surgery sooner than the left. Funny thing is, I always see everything larger with my right eye, but I forgot to tell them that. Although I might have told them earlier at some point in time.
   She had trouble getting in the lens, as my eye had swollen up and I guess that's why it's taking so long for my vison to get sharp. Besides, my eye kinda hurt a little before the surgery, (which I didn't tell them) and the "discomfort" is so slight I'm barely aware of it. (a pain so slight it's hardly noticeable. Might even be from my awful teeth and gums). Either that, or I've lived with pain so long the little pains no longer bother me.
   Anyway, when my left eye is done, it will be for close-up vision. Here I thought I had good sight in my left eye. Wrong. I can hardly see anything with it, although it did a pretty good showing on the chart last week. With my right eye today all I could read was the large top line of letters when they did the "1 or 2? images they show you when you hold the black holes up to  your eyes. (2 or 3? etc.) And that was fuzzy. I told her if I could see any line lower than that it'd just be guessing.
   So Thurday I can take off the shield at night and get back to my routine of getting something done instead of just puttering around the house. (All this good weather going to waste).
   She said it would take about 3 or 4 weeks for my vison to get sharp in that eye. I wish they'd told me something to that effect before, so I wouldn't have been so full of hope. I'm glad it's done, but I'm kinda disappointed that I can't see as well as I thought I'd be able to, and disappointed it isn't for close-up vision, because that's what I need.
    I can see ok with my glasses, and I guess they can't do the new glasses until they find out what the vision is going to be in my right eye. I'm still using the drops, will be down to 3. I had the original 3, but had added those drops that shrank things, then the no-preservative artificial tears from the Dr.s office, and Thurday I drop one of the meds and for 3 more weeks will have the 2 originals, plus whatever is left of the shrink stuff, and occasionally the tears. I cry enough these days without having to use anything artificial.
   Getting back to the trip home from surgery. We stopped off at my son's house so he could get his truck ready for the job he was going to. He unloaded some stuff and I sat in the house and watched Father knows Best. Dennis the Menace was on, but I never liked that kid actor who played Dennis, so I was on the telephone. Then we got in the truck and went to pick up Joe, who was working for Skott that day. I guess I was pretty happy on the way home (meaning giddy from the anesthesia). Skotty said I should have the stuff all the time. Told him no thank you.
   Mom was up and had done fine while we were gone.
   Well, trust in the Lord, and lean not unto thine own understanding.

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