Sunday, April 7, 2013


    My apologiers: Chapter 7 comes much later in the book. I have just about completed the "In Order" sequences which I had neglected to edit before I started. I will post the sequential order from the end of Chapter 6, and then insert Chapter 7 as a future chapter, where it belongs in the book. (Well, folks, I'm a writer, not an editor. A lot of folks don't realize that writers do not always write in sequence, but they certainly should edit before posting. I haven't been through this manuscript for some time and "assumed" it was all in order. It is not. When last I worked on it I'd been doing some revision, and lost the whole works when I hit "delete" and at the time I didn't know diddley squat about computers. Now I know "diddley" but not "squat"....... And I had inserted pages but not sorted. Then I moved. So everything was a mess.
    I will be republishing "CHAPTER SEVEN" as "Chapter Seven Revised." then you will find the published C. 7 further on down the trail, after a few more things happen. Chapter 7 revised will begin the day after the discovery of Sherry Hilliard's body.
     Does anyone have a guess who the murderer might be?
Hopefully I'll be republishing that chapter  insertion today. Sam James (aka oldcowgirlmom77 and N.A. Vincent

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